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About This Web Page

This web page is just a placeholder page that is being utilized by the SGM development/beta testers team members to share/host files and provide a fast download for the mod's North American game servers. Any inquires in regards to the STARGATE Mod should be made via mods main web site here.

The STARGATE Mod is a non-commercial project that is created by Stargate fans all around the world for the Stargate community. Our goal is to create a total modification for the Half-LifeČ engine that will take the player into the Stargate universe as known from the movies and TV series. For creating the Mod, we use the Source engine software development created and maintained by Valve Corporation.

SGMod is going to have a limited public beta release in the Summer/Fall of the year 2017. The requirements for playing the mod will only be that you have Steam installed and have the free tool installed called "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer".


To find out more about STARGATE Mod click on any of the top links above to be taken to their relative informational pages and or their specific web sites (when clicked on the page will open up in a new window or tab depending on what browser platform you are using).

For information in regards to this web page or inquires in regards to utlizing this web hosting if you are a member of the STARGATE Mod's team please contact [SG-X] Loki via his profile page on the STARGATE Mod 's fourms.

Now quit looking at this page and go check out The STARGATE Mod's main web site!